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Sunday, March 15, 2015

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Thalia Spice

833 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 

This all NEW menu features exotic "comfort food" from Southeast Asia such as Fillipino Adobo Chicken, Thai-style 'Jok", and Tempura French Toast. You Foodies are really going to love it!!! 

SUNDAY BRUNCH MENU (Start: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.)  

ALMUSAL (Filipino) 10 Two sunny side egg, grilled sweet pork sausage (Longganiza), and traditional garlic fried rice, balanced with tomato, cucumber & kim chi  
ADOBO CHICKEN (Filipino) 10 Slow roasted braised chicken simmered in soy sauce, white vinegar balsamic, bay leafs, green onions, boiled egg, garlic fried rice  
BANGKOK Omelet (Thai) 8 Traditional Thai omelet, “naam pla” sauce, cilantro, bean sprouts, kim chi. Add mussels or shrimps +$3  
RIVER BOAT Noodles (Thai) 10 Never out-done by the Vietnamese in the kitchen, the Thai’s morning breakfast soup is filled with generous slices of marinated beef, tasty broth, and rice noodles with a healthy portion of aromatic cilantro, bean sprouts & jalapenos  
INDIAN TOFU Burrito (Indian) 8 Avocado salsa, satay tofu, fried eggs, wrapped in Indian flatbread (parathas) with dipping sauces: tamarind and mint  
“JOK” Rice Soup (Chinese) 9 Best in town! Soft rice soup, ground chicken meatballs, freshly cut ginger, cilantro, green onions, and a hardboiled egg  
PANANG LAKSA (Malaysia) 11 Shrimp, mussels, fish cake, tofu, bean sprouts, boiled egg, scallion & noodles in coconut curry broth

TEMPURA BATTERED FRENCH TOAST (Japanese) 8 Yummy oat bread generously dipped in Tempura batter from our Sushi Bar . Delicious.  
YOGURT & GRANOLA (American) 6 Silky, thick Greek style plain yogurt served with fresh honey, granola, and fruit  

Bangkok Tofu Roll5 Lettuce Wraps 6  
Saigon Shrimp Roll 6 Shanghai Shumai 5  
Roti Canai 6 Peking Duck Wraps 7  
Tokyo Gyoza (Fried) 5 Thalia Dumplings(Steam) 5  
Sweet Pork Sausage (Longganiza) 5 Garlic Fried Rice 3

DIM SUM Sampler 10  
Steam Shumai, Chicken Dumplings & Peking Duck Wrap

WRAPS & ROLLS Sampler 10  
Saigon Shrimp Roll, Bangkok Roll & Lettuce wraps

The King & I - fried bananas served warm, drizzled with honey & vanilla ice cream 6  
Laotian Black Pearls – sticky red bean , coconut sorbet, syrup & lychee 7  
Thalia Mango Sticky Rice (seasonal) – Fresh mango over sweetened sticky rice, drizzled with coconut milk & sesame seeds 7

Starbuck’s Table-top French Press (32 oz) 10  
Americana Bottomless Coffee 2  
Vietnamese Sweet Coffee 3  
Thai Iced Sweet Coffee 3.5  
Organic Tea 2  
Thai Iced SweetTea 3.5  
Cranberry 3  
Guava 3  
Lychee 3  
Orange 3  
BLOODY Mary 9  

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