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LevelUp is the better way to pay.

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To use credit at a place, simply pay with LevelUp. No need to claim it, buy it, print it out or anything. To earn more credit at places, simply pay with LevelUp. To use that credit... you guessed it... just pay with LevelUp.

Bottom line: Pay with LevelUp. Good things happen.

So the first time I go to any place on LevelUp, I get free money?

Yep. There's $5 credit waiting there for you to invite you to try out that place. To use it, just pay with LevelUp. No deals to buy, no coupons to print. Even better, credit never expires and has zero fine print.

Pay with your phone. Get $5 to spend anywhere with code: 88694

And I get more credit the more I pay with LevelUp?

Yep! Just pay with LevelUp and each time you do, you'll see a progress bar fill up at that place until you unlock more credit there. Think of it like a Sesame-Street-simple loyalty program that works everywhere. Each place has the same construct to reward loyal customers. Spend $X, Get $Y. So at your coffee shop it might be 'Spend $25, Get $5.' At a restaurant it might be 'Spend $150, Get $30.' Once you've unlocked some credit, just pay with LevelUp to use it. Bam!

I can pay with my phone, right?

Yep! Grab the LevelUp app and log in. You'll see your personal QR code on the first screen. Each merchant on LevelUp has a device that can scan these LevelUp Codes right next to their register (at a restaurant, they'll bring it out to you to scan at your table). Just hold your phone in front of it for about 1/10 of a second and bam! Bill paid. You'll get an instant digital receipt and be on your way!

When I pay with LevelUp, where is the money coming from?

When you register for LevelUp, you'll enter your favorite credit card and whenever you pay with LevelUp, we'll just pass the charge (minus your credit, of course) to that card. Paying with LevelUp is just like swiping your card, except it's faster, more secure and saves you money! So pay with LevelUp and keep earning your miles!

Is it secure?

Yes. Way more secure than your credit card in fact. Here's why:

  • LevelUp isn't a new payment method. It's just linked to your card. So you get all the security of your card PLUS all the security of LevelUp.

  • LevelUp is incredibly secure. For starters, you can pin-lock your QR code. Or pin-lock your phone.

  • Then, with each transaction, you get a digital receipt via email and push notification. Something look wrong? One click and your account is paused and your code is reset.

  • We've got all the algorithms to identify any sketchy behavior, so we're always looking out for you.

  • Some more magic we can't tell you about. Sorry!

Actually, one more thing. And we don't mean to scare you. But, when you're at a restaurant, have you ever thought about what happens when a waiter takes your credit card away from the table? What are they doing with it? Could they be copying down your information? Snapping a pic? Licking it? Granted, they're probably not... but who knows? And in reality, that interaction (when your card disappears for 5-10 minutes) is where a huge percentage of identity theft occurs. With LevelUp, your payment methods never leaves your hands. Ever.

Sounds awesome! Where do I sign up?

Right here!

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Comment by Todor Krecu on May 1, 2012 at 6:49am

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