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Koval Distillery Tour and Wagyu Wagon Dinner

Koval Distillery Tour and Pop-up Dinner with the Wagyu Wagon on December 21 7:00pm The tour lasts 1 1/2 hours and will be followed by Pop-up Dinner and pairing with the Wagyu Wagon gournet food truck.


As Chicago’s first craft distillery, the Koval staff will teach you more about the differences between white and aged whiskey, the subtle intricacies of distillation, and the delicious beauty of small-batch spirits. See where each and every step of our process takes place. Tasting of numerous spirits is just one of the perks! 

Click below to purchase your ticket for the tour: 

Koval Distillery Tour on Dec 21 at 7pm - $10.00

Chef Aaron Crumbaugh is the first Chicago food truck owner to offer high end wagyu beef. As an advocate for quality, sustainable and local food, Chef Crumbaugh has expanded his business with the Wagyu Wagon, a food truck that offers gourmet street food by day and be available for private events by night. The Wagyu Wagon’s goal is to offer Chicagoans a chance to feast on one of 4 star restaurants most sought after items, Wagyu beef. But instead of sitting down for 12 courses we want to make it more approachable and accessible for the everyday person. By building this food truck this can accomplished. The seasonally rotating menu will be creative, fun and delicious (A Wagyu burger or a Wagyu Flat Iron Steak with hand cut fries to a Vietnamese noodle soup called the Pho-Gyu) offering customers an array of local, organic and sustainable options. When compared to regular beef; i.e. all those fast food burger chains, The Wagyu Wagon becomes a healthy food option. Wagyu cattle contain a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef. Also the increased marbling improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats making it considerably lower in cholesterol. 

You may order dinner either before or after the tour. Payment for dinner may be either by cash or credit card charged by Wagyu Wagon.

More about the Wagyu Wagon is at


If you have a smartphone download Nosh ( on your iPhone or Android device and we can upload photos from the event and check-in with Select Member, Todor Krecu


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Comment by Todor Krecu on December 24, 2011 at 9:37am
Comment by Todor Krecu on December 20, 2011 at 8:56pm

Aaron Crumbaugh from the Wagyu Wagon will have some pork belly taco's on special tomorrow!

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