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Koval Distillery Tour and Getta Polleta Pop Up Dinner

Koval Distillery Tour and Getta Polleta Pop Up Dinner

Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 6:00 PM

5121 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

"Getta Polpetta" (a/k/a getta meatball!!) is a new mobile food truck in chicago. They offer 3 ways to getta meatball and counting...Please join them at Koval Distillery as they bring new recipes together. Ciao

Koval Distillery Tour and Pop-up Dinner with Getta Polpetta on January 11 at 6pm. The tour starts at 7pm and lasts 1 1/2 hours and will be followed by Pop-up Dinner and pairing with the Getta Polpett food truck.

As Chicago's first craft distillery, the Koval staff will teach you more about the differences between white and aged whiskey, the subtle intricacies of distillation, and the delicious beauty of small-batch spirits. See where each and every step of our process takes place. Tasting of numerous spirits is just one of the perks!

Getta Polleta Dinner order form is at:

Koval Distillery Tour order form is at:

If you have a smartphone download Nosh ( on your iPhone or Android device and we can upload photos from the event.

* limited items will be offered for sale on site so please pre-order to ensure getting the item of your choice

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